17. March 2021

It’s obvious to us: the global challenges we are facing with soon-to-be 10 billion people are unprecedented in our history. It is indeed a situation for which there is no blueprint in the past that could answer the question as for how a good life for everyone can be ensured under these conditions. Sustainability in the 21st century must look forward, into a new future – simply eco-progressive.

Eco-progressivism is the perception that an ecologically compatible way of life meeting the needs of all humans has never existed in the past. The potential spaces, thought patterns and technologies back then were not – and are not – sufficient to lead the way into a sustainable future. It is only through progression of society, economy and technology under evidence-based sustainibility criteria that we can reach that point.

This we see in contrast to a different viewpoint that we describe as eco-reactionary. To us, this means the concept that a sustainable lifestyle for everyone has already existed at some point in the past. Accordingly, we would just have to rewind certain modern-day developments to get back to this questionable state of sustainability.