Our Principles

23. March 2021


The Öko-Progressive Netzwerk e. V. (Eco-progressive Network) is a non-partisan, independent and non-profit association dedicated to the development and discussion of science-based transformation strategies for a sustainable future. For us, it is clear that this transformation is based on scientific knowledge from all disciplines.

We see our role in communicating these findings in a comprehensible way, discussing them inclusively, and developing them further in a participatory manner. We see ourselves as an interface between scientific findings, social debate, economic implementation, and political work. Accordingly, our platform is open to all people, because only through communication between all sectors of society can goal-oriented strategies for a sustainable future be found. We strictly reject all forms of discrimination within our organization and work proactively for an inclusive atmosphere.

The focus of our work is to promote scientifically sound opinion-forming. We are committed to the principles of good scientific work and science communication. Accordingly, contributions on our platforms are to be provided with references, and claims founded on scientific publications. Opinions or positions of the Eco-Progressive Network will be made clear as such. Otherwise, the authors themselves are held responsible for their published work.

In this sense, we also evaluate and comment on political actions and provide assessments for all political forces that admit to democratic, liberal, and constitutional principles of a free society. In doing so, the Eco-Progressive Network is clearly committed to democratic, constitutional, and liberal principles. At the same time, we emphasize our role as a non-partisan association, which refuses any appropriation by a certain political direction or party.

In our goal of communicating with all forces in society and involving them in the development of our concepts, we are also in dialogue with actors in the private sector. This work is carried out under the principles of independence and transparency. Accordingly, all cooperations and discussions are communicated transparently and material contributions linked to private economic interests are rejected.

The engagement in the Eco-Progressive Network is of course open to all people, just like all our offers. We are also particularly pleased to have a diversity from a wide range of disciplines, both scientific and non-scientific.

[Decided by the general meeting on 13.02.2021]